manna - Bite-sized youth and children's ministry training


Bite-sized youth and children's ministry training

taster evening – life online

Our taster evening provided you with an overview of manna and some input around what ‘life online’ looks like for young people.

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You can download the slides from the taster here

The information we provided about manna is summarised on the mainpage of this website or on our handy leaflet.

Life Online

Session 2 – Wondering & Questions: A Theology of Childhood Spirituality

Session 4 – Loving Them Anyway: Managing Challenging Behaviour

Session 5 – Working Alongside or as a Volunteer

Session 6 – An Introduction to Detached Youth Work

Session 8-The Missiology of Youth and Children’s Work

Session 9 – Christmas with Covid

Session 10 – The Final Frontier: Engaging and Communicating with Youth, Children and Families

Session 11- Listen. Hear: Youth and Children’s Participation

Session 12 – Through Their Filter: Culture and Media

Session 13 – I Wonder to Being A Follower: Youth and Child Faith Development

Session 14 – Faith @ Home

Session 15 – Getting Your Group On: Setting Up and Working Together

Session 16 – Be the Change: Reflective Practice

Session 17 – Take Up Your Cross and Follow: Discipleship as a Journey

Session 18 – Reading the Bible for All It’s worth

January -ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)